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Imperial Law Builds on Client Relationships to Foster Strategic Air Freighter Alliance

Bahrain’s MAE Aircraft Managements and Singapore-based Asia Cargo Network (ACN) group have signed a significant strategic alliance serving the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. Under the agreement, ACN will base six of its freighters in Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

With the inclusion of the fourth air freighter airline company into the Group, Imperial Law continues to work together with the executive management team at ACN to strengthen and grow the leading air cargo Group’s expanding business in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and into new markets beyond.

This completes a successful venture that originated in Germany last year when the teams from Imperial Law and Asia Cargo Network converged for a strategic planning retreat. Together, our leadership envisioned the possibility of helping clients expand into a new market to enhance their revenues and top-line positively.

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Montague Choy

Montague Choy

Director & Founding Partner

Montague (“Monty”) Choy is a founding partner and director of Imperial Law LLC. He specialises in private client matters, corporate and commercial law issues.



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