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Collaborating for Strategic Growth in Air Cargo Industry

“Asia Cargo Network (ACN) is the recipient of the ‘Cargo Handling’ award at the SBR National Business Awards, recognizing the company’s unwavering dedication and endeavors to expand its presence in Indonesia.”

Imperial Law’s continued support and partnership further reinforce ACN’s vision for sustained growth in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and emerging markets beyond. Imperial Law’s counsel, alongside ACN’s remarkable global management team, exemplifies the profound impact that collaboration and expertise can have in driving the success of businesses within the dynamic air cargo industry.

The air freight sector in Indonesia has experienced notable progress, prompting ACN to embrace diverse strategic initiatives to strengthen its foothold in the market. ACN’s project for expanding the air cargo service market in Indonesia seeks to enhance its market share by implementing several pivotal strategies, such as launching a new airline called RGA-Black Stone Airline, expanding the fleet of Asia Cargo Airlines, and constructing an advanced aircraft maintenance facility.

“These endeavors have yielded impressive results, such as increased revenue, heightened customer satisfaction, and industry-wide recognition. They have also opened doors for future expansion opportunities in other regions and fostered collaborations with local enterprises, ensuring sustained air cargo industry growth,” stated Singapore Business Review.

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Montague Choy

Montague Choy

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